How to save some money

Frank Lillig

As a humble college student, it’s easy to spend money and not very easy to make it through college without student loans, grants or scholarships. From eating out at restaurants too often to leaving electronics on, it all adds up to a big wad of money that is no longer in the bank. Here are a few ways to save a little bit of money.

  • Not eating out too often is paramount. Yes, that includes the dollar menu. There are places where one can buy two weeks’ worth of groceries for the price of one meal out. Find the nearest Aldi or Save-A-Lot, figure out a budget and stick to it. Get only what is necessary.
  • When it comes to saving money on electricity, you should know that just because a device is turned off, if it is still plugged into the wall it is still using electricity. To battle this, invest in some surge protectors with multiple outlets. Plug as many things in one room into the protector like lamps, phone chargers, heaters, floor fans, etc. Then, when everything is finished being used, unplug the protector from the wall and when you want to use everything again plug it back in. However, don’t do this for kitchen appliances that need to stay on, like fridges.
  • Saving money on gas is a little more difficult. When it’s cold out and the heat is on, remember that it is much cheaper to put an extra layer of clothes on than to turn the thermostat up. However, if that is not enough, make sure the house or apartment is well insulated and none of that precious heat and expensive gas is going out the window. One good way to make sure the windows are well insulated is to do it yourself with some Saran insulating wraps. They are usually around $10, easy to use, and really help. Another cheap investment would be under-the-door sealers, or “Draft Stoppers.”
  • Saving on water is also tricky. Many places in Kansas City pay for a tenant’s water but if they don’t, quick showers help. Get showering down to about five or 10 minutes. Washing dishes regularly also helps because small messes use less water. If there are a lot of dishes to do, fill the sink with soapy water and rinse each dish, as opposed to letting the water run the whole time.