You’ve Got Mail. Now Please Respond.

U-News Staff

E-mail has become an integral part of our society. We use it all the time as an electronic means of communication with others. I know e-mail is my primary form of communication with my professors, advisors and other classmates. My schedule makes it almost impossible to regularly go meet with someone face to face, so without e-mail I don’t know what I would do.

I have recently noticed a problem though. The number of replies I have received in response to my e-mails is dwindling. Worse yet, if I do get a reply, it is days past the time I need it. There is nothing more frustrating than sending an e-mail to find the answer to a problem and not getting a response. By the time one comes, if at all, I have probably already solved the initial problem.

Students are no exception. If you are like me, you have e-mailed other classmates asking for notes, seeing what happened in a class you missed or simply looking to see if you are following the material along with everyone else. What do you do when no one replies to the e-mail you sent?

There is no way to avoid e-mails. They are an integral part of how we communicate in the professional and academic world. So it is imperative that everyone regularly read and respond to their e-mails. How? Try to set aside a regular time every day to viewand respond to your e-mails. For students, this could probably take as little as 15 minutes. For professors and advisors, this may require approximately an hour.

Responses do not need to be long – a few simple sentences will do. For the questions that do require more time to respond to, send a short message acknowledging you have received the sender’s email and will reply at your earliest convenience.

Responding to an inbox full of e-mails may seem to be a daunting task, even moreso when considering that half of those e-mails are probably spam, but these are simple solutions to solve this growing problem. Please, check your inbox regularly. When you see you have mail, please do everyone a kindness and respond.