Life Hacked: Pallets

Frank Lillig

College life is all about getting the most out of cheap things, and life hacks are the pivotal means to that end. When it comes to furnishing a house or apartment, there are several ways to go about it. One can spend loads of money on brand new furniture and electronics, spend much less money at a thrift or second-hand store, or spend nothing but time and energy to build your own. This is what hacking life is all about and this article is all about pallets.

Pallets are among the greatest things man ever stooped to create. They are simple, versatile, wooden and simply perfect. While the layman sees the pallet as a lowly device meant to keep things off of the floor, the hacktivist sees it as a multipurpose, prefabricated wonder board. The only thing standing between what a pallet is and what a pallet can be is the person looking to use it. With a claw hammer, maybe a saw, and a wild dream, a person can turn a pallet into almost anything, at least furniture wise.

The simplest use for some pallets would be for a bench or box spring for a bed. Simply put them on the ground, put a cushion or bed on top, and then relax because all the hard work is done. They also double as under-the-bed or bench storage space.

Tables are also options. They take a little bit more planning and finesse to build, but it can be done. From small end tables and coffee tables to dining room and patio tables, pallets can be transformed into anything and can look pretty cool when finished.

Another great thing about pallets is that they can be found for free in so many places. Many businesses have stacks of them out back and, if asked nicely and as long as there are no other plans for them, shop owners are usually oaky with people taking them. is a good place to look for pallets.  Log on to the website and click on “free” under “for sale” and see. Now, go build something maestro.