Life Hacks

Frank Lillig

 Welcome back everyone.  Hope you all had a nice holiday break with family and friends.  Now that classes are once again in session, most students are back to making their own meals.  Here are a few tips for cooking simple meals with everyday household objects.  Just don’t burn the place down, okay?

Coffee pots:  The coffee put is a rather underutilized appliance in any household.

  • Instead of just making coffee, it is great for brewing teas, too.  Simply clip the tea bags onto the side of the pot, far enough down that they will be submerged but not too far that they touch the bottom, and brew away.
  • Cold-brewed coffee can also be made by just using the pot.  Put about half a cup of grounds into the pot and fill the rest of the way with water.  Then let it sit in the fridge overnight.  When it’s ready to serve, pour the brew into pitcher slowly through a filter so that most of the grounds stay in the pot.  Pour about 1 part coffee to about 2 or even 4 parts water.
  • Coffee pots are also good for making noodles such as ramen or spaghetti.  Just put the noodles in the pot and then brew the hot water through as usual.  You can also make fancy ramen with a few other ingredients that one might have lying around.  For example, crack an egg into the pot with the noodles.  The boiling water will cook the egg and the ramen.  When ready, mix in the seasoning and stir it up real good.

Clothing irons:  An iron is another vital household appliance.  It can be used to make Panini sandwiches by not filling it with water, letting it heat up, and pressing it down onto any sandwich.  This is also a good way to make grilled cheese.