Bittersweet goodbye

Dan Moreno

I can’t believe how fast time goes by. Three and a half years ago I had just arrived in the United States after transferring from the Universidad Intercontinental in my hometown of Mexico City. In 11 days I will be graduating from UMKC.

It is such a weird feeling— on one hand I am excited and ready to take on real life, but on the other, all of the memories, classes, classmates, teachers, activities and experiences I had throughout seven semesters make me want to shed a tear.

After my first semester of adaptation to my new lifestyle, I was hired by the University News to be a staff writer. My first ever article was about Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling), which I believe is still my favorite one. This job changed my life in many positive ways and helped me improve in multiple aspects.

If you are a consistent University News reader, you will have already noticed what I am passionate about. Soccer is the sport in Mexico. Basketball, baseball, football, tennis, soccer, golf and many more are the sports in this country, which meant I had to learn about all these new sports and understand them to be able to write about them, which I did with time.

Journalism has been the perfect way for me to experience, improve, study, play and report on my favorite thing, sports, something that wouldn’t have happened if UMKC’s independent student newspaper haven’t given me the opportunity to do so.

It deeply saddens me to think this is the last article I will be writing for the newspaper. I am not going to lie when I say that having been the only sports writer for five semesters was not easy, especially because I wanted to cover all of UMKC’s sports and professional teams as well, but I did it anyway.

Kansas City is my home now and even though I love and miss my Mexico City so much, this is where I will stay. I am fortunate enough to say I work doing what I majored in. I will stop being the University News sports editor but will move on to working for and with the city’s three professional soccer teams, Sporting KC, FC Kansas City and the Missouri Comets, all of them champions.

I could not finish this article without thanking  each and every person that helped me out throughout these years to become a better journalist, writer and reporter and allowed me to do what I love the most.