My email should be private

Alex Dapp


Recently I was included in an annoying and unnecessary email chain. I’m sure there are many readers who have experienced the same level of frustration as I did when I opened my inbox only to find I was unknowingly and unwillingly included as a recipient of an email from a fellow classmate.

I feel I should clarify before continuing: I had no prior ill feelings toward said classmate, nor do I, in any way, disrespect her opinion. With that said, the classmate who felt so compelled to get something off her chest at FOUR IN THE MORNING, mind you, felt that it was appropriate to send the entire class an email stating and explaining her frustration with a comment made by a classmate in the previous class period.

While I could go on forever about how frustrating it was not only to receive this email at such an unreasonable hour, but then to receive the emails in response to hers that followed, I will stop complaining and start explaining why I don’t think fellow classmates should have access to the email addresses of everyone who is enrolled in the class.

If I wanted someone to have my email address, I would give it to him/her. It is that simple. I consider my email my secondary phone number. I don’t just give out my phone number to anyone, especially not to classmates with whom I have no intention of speaking outside the confines of a classroom. While I am in full support of said classmate’s right to speak her mind freely, I am wholeheartedly against the action of her flooding my inbox with her mile-long rant about another classmate during the wee hours of the morning. I did not sign up for this when I enrolled in the class and I want no part of it.

I strongly disagree with the inclusion of email information on Blackboard and therefore it has me wondering — where’s the unsubscribe button?