I wish I could wash my hands of this

Lindsay Lillig

Our beloved UMKC campus is expanding. This is a wonderful thing. I have attended UMKC all four years of my undergraduate career and have watched it grow each semester. However, I feel that the people responsible for these expansions have become a bit too far-sighted. It is time they were reminded of the little phrase: “It’s the little things that count.”

Little things such as bathrooms. I wonder if anyone involved with urban planning and design — or anyone else who funds and sponsors campus expansions — has entered the women’s restroom in Royall Hall lately. If one has, I hope they left in tears with a new outlook on life. For let me tell you, my dear reader, this so-called restroom is the saddest excuse for a lavatory I have ever seen on a college campus.

None, I repeat, none of the soap dispensers work. Not a single one. No soap. Sorry. If you wanted to wash your hands, I suppose you should not have assumed that the university you pay thousands of dollars to attend would provide a consistent and reliable way for you to have clean hands.

Nevertheless, if you even make it to the hand-washing phase, you have conquered a great feat and congratulations are in order. An attempt to physically use the restroom is nearly as impossible as the struggle to wash your hands.

The doors to at least three of the stalls are broken and/or do not lock, nor have they ever locked as long as I have been here. The latest addition to the horrendous stall conditions is the missing toilet paper dispensers. That’s my favorite quirk, truly. Everyone hates sitting down in a stall and realizing the holder is out of toilet paper. An entirely newfound level of frustration is reached when three stalls in a row not only seem to have run out of toilet paper, but then nixed the need to provide it altogether.

Let’s recap, shall we? Royall Hall women’s restroom: no soap, no toilet paper, ultimately no accessible stalls. I know that this restroom is a highly-trafficked area, which is easy enough to deduce simply based on its location next to the Einstein Bros. café. So, I ask, how is this okay? Well, it isn’t.

If no one in charge of delegating the required improvements knows about this, I hope it has now been brought to their attention. Thus, allow me to make a suggestion. Perhaps before construction is started on some downtown arts campus that will only cater to one department of students, take the necessary time to fix the restrooms on the main campus that a majority of students already need to use.