Cynthia Newsome challenges UMKC students

Mark Linville

On September 2, NBC Action News Anchor and Health Reporter Cynthia Newsome hosted a launch party at the Student Union to officially begin the challenge she offered her broadcast management students.

Her challenge may remind you of a famous TV show on Fox called “The Apprentice.”

Newsome divided her class into two teams: Carpe Diem and Five Star Elite.

The teams will plan and construct a marketing campaign on campus for two organizations, the UMKC Friends of the Library and a new student film group called the Auteurs.

For Friends of the Library, the teams will propose a marketing campaign to advertise the newly installed robotic retrieval system (the Robot)at Miller Nichols Library.

They will do the same for the Auteurs by creating a marketing campaign for their bi-monthly film showcase in Haag Hall and the new Student Union Theatre.

“The challenge is kind of confusing, but it’s also exciting to me,” Matthew Prior, Junior majoring in Communication Studies and Five Star Elite member, said.

During the launch party, the two teams met with each client and devised a marketing plan.

Newsome decided to do this activity with her Broadcast Management 361 course to provide hands-on lessons and actively engage students in the subject.

“It creates business opportunities for the students. It allows them to meet clients, to work together, and manage their client,” Newsome said. “It is a fun way to learn serious lessons.”

To Newsome, broadcast management is a great way of getting people together.

“This apprentice challenge is a great way to think outside the box and to be out of the classroom,” Kharissa Parker, UMKC sophomore and member of the Carpe Diem team, said.

The students are very excited to be a part of this activity, and have the pleasure of Skyping with season four winner of “The Apprentice,” Randal Pinkett, during class next week.

Communication studies major and member of Carpe Diem, Mallory Comer, said the challenge is a good opportunity and a great learning experience.

Newsome also has a mini challenge within the over-all challenge; each student received a small plant and was asked to attach their business card to it.

The students must take the plant home and nurture it all semester; if it’s still alive, it shows they have dedication.

Newsome wants the teams to sell their business and market as if they were professionals of Kansas City.

“It really says something about someone who can sell and have collaborative skills,” Newsome says.

In the end, only one person will be chosen as “the apprentice.”

But unlike Donald Trump’s famous catch phrase and hand gesture, “You’re Fired,” Cynthia Newsome won’t be doing any firing; it is pure learning and is meant to be fun.

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