UMKC Theatre and its Caucasian Chalk Circle

Joseph Fournier (left) and Daniel Fleming (right) also played an array of characters. Fournier notably portrayed the governor, a heinous German Sergeant and Jussup. Fleming jumped in and out of characters including Adjutant, a drunken monk and an “Old Woman with milk.” Both Fournier and Fleming possess a great command of the stage even when they are not speaking.

Lindsay Lillig

Photos by Brian Paulette. Costumes by Tyler Wilson.

UMKC MFA acting students recently produced Bertolt Brecht’s play “The Caucasian Chalk Circle.” Under the direction of Maegan Sandberg-Zakian, the cast and crew superbly execute a captivating performance.

Brecht is known for his alienation of both classical and modern theatrical production styles. Brecht’s main focus was to make sure the audience always remained aware that they were watching theatre. He loved when sets would come apart and break away throughout a production. He loved for characters to face and/or address the audience directly and loved integrating music and songs to expose unseen and unspoken things. The UMKC graduates incorporate all of these features into their production with proficiency and ease.