Briefly Mentioned

Mark Linville

Promotion of 24 employees

The UMKC Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs is celebrating the promotion of 24 employees.

On Sept. 1, the office celebrated this achievement in Pierson Auditorium to toast those promoted and received tenure.

The promotion process of these employees is a long and rigorous process.

Each faculty member must be reviewed based on his or her performance. The performance areas include teaching, scholarship and service.

A UMKC press release stated, “Each of the faculty recognized in this promotion and tenure celebration has demonstrated to their peers and to the administration that they have met high standards for sustaining and outstanding performance.”

There nine employees who received promotions with tenure: two employees of the School of Dentistry received tenure, and eleven other employees received promotions in various colleges and departments at UMKC.

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Parking Update

Recently, the student and visitor parking lot between Oak Street Residence Hall and Oak street parking structure underwent some changes.

In the past this lot was metered.

However, the meters were removed.

Since the completion of the student union, the meters returned to parking zone 32.

The change accommodates new traffic due to the new student union.

Parking operations added 66 parking meters in the former residential parking. This lot now acts as visitor parking for the Student Union.

This lot serves as event parking for sporting events at the Stanley Durwood Soccer Stadium located on Cherry Street.

For more parking information, please go to,

or call (816)235-5256.