Fall for Life Hacks

Frank Lillig

With fall weather comes a drop in temperature and lots of precipitation.  Dressing properly and weather-proofing are some simple ways to keep you and your stuff warm and dry.

  • Put on thinner layers first when dressing for cold weather.  A t-shirt, then a long sleeved shirt and then a jacket on top will help insulate and keep in body heat.  A pair of leggings or thin pajama pants, shorts  and then a heavier pair of pants – like a pair of sweats – will do the same for your legs.  Long socks covered with wool socks will keep your feet warm.  Thick shoes like boots will also keep your feet warm and dry.  When layering gloves, again, go for thinner first.  Some stores have cheap cotton gloves that fit well inside a pair of bigger leather or neoprene gloves.  Silk gloves keep sweat off of your hands and make life a little more comfortable.  If your hands are still cold, get hand warmers to put between layers.  These also work well in shoes. Place them in the shoe, not the sock, under toes.
  • When preparing for bed, use thinner layers first.  Start with a sheet, and then layer over the sheet with heavier blankets, quilts and/or comforters.  Try not to over-layer, though, because perspiration will commence.
  • Weather-proof shoes, boots and gloves.  Many outdoors or sporting stores carry water-proofing oils that can keep shoes and feet dry.  Other products, such as Never Wet and Ever Dry, can be used on almost anything to keep moisture out.  Materials like water, oil, paint and even wet concrete slide right off of anything treated by these products.  If boots are made from leather, it is best to polish them to make them look nice before applying water-proofing products, because once applied, they become difficult to polish.
  • Many outdoors and sporting stores also carry thermal undergarments, such as socks, pants and shirts.  These are perfect for layering.  There are also thermal blankets that work well for bedtime.  Some places even have bed heaters that plug into the wall and warm your bed to the perfect temperature.  But don’t sleep with these heaters on, because you’ll get sweaty, and the moisture can eventually make you cold..  Long sleeve silk shirts are good for wicking sweat away from the body and staying  warm and dry.  Silk socks are good for getting sweat away from feet.
  • Consider keeping a change of clothes in your car in case you get soaked and would seriously appreciate a change of dry clothes.  Be sure to remove the wet clothes from your car when you get home so the clothes don’t get moldy.  Wash and dry them as soon as possible.

The main purpose of these hacks is to keep moisture away from the body.  Getting soaked by rain or snow can increase your chances of getting sick.