Spend the fall brooding

Lindsay Lillig

The up-and-coming indie duo Broods is dominating radio stations single by single. This brother-sister pair from New Zealand caught the attention of producer Joel Little (who brought listeners Lorde’s first single) and signed with Capitol Records last fall. After the release of the band’s self-titled EP, the single “Bridges” was picked as the U.S. iTunes Store single of the week. However, each track from the EP deserves that rank, as well as every single released since then.

Georgia Nott is the lead vocalist to Caleb Nott’s multi-instrumental song production and backup vocals. “Bridges” begins with Georgia’s soft, serene soprano voice. She croons the opening verse to a steady beat of a piano and synthesizer. She sings honest lyrics like “If any word that I said could have made you forget, I would have given you them all” and “now we’re burning all the bridges now, watching them go up in flames.” The hook twice repeats the same phrase “Can we forget about it, can we forget?” to heightened electronic and background vocal riffs.

“Sleep Baby Sleep”
An a capella Georgia immediately captures listeners with an urgent plea of “Sleep baby sleep, what are you waiting for?” A synthesized violin plays in tranquil harmony to Caleb’s incorporation of drums and piano. Caleb and Georgia sing together choruses of “You know it’s only just a dream” and “The beauty of this mess is that it brings me close to you.”

This track does not sound distinctly nor drastically different than other songs, but provides a glowing illustration of the band’s lyricism. Georgia sings “If you talk me out of my needs and stitch me up at the seams, then I could live in my dreams.”

“Mother & Father”
This is the official lead single released from Broods’ upcoming album. The song is unmistakably an ode to fears that come when a life of fame is one’s chosen path. Georgia sings “I don’t wanna wake up lonely, I don’t wanna just be fine” and “I don’t wanna keep on hoping, forget what I had in mind.” The percussion is a simple layering of snaps and claps, which amplify the song’s simple message.Broods performed at Buzz Beach Ball Sept. 5 and the duo is set to tour with “Stay With Me” artist Sam Smith this fall. Brood’s first studio album “Evergreen” is due for release this September.