Quarter for your thoughts: Metered parking

Alex Dapp

For a campus commonly referred to as a “commuter campus,” UMKC seems to have found a way to make it much less friendly to students who commute. Over the summer break, the rate of a metered parking spot increased $.25 per hour.
Parking passes are expensive no matter what college or university you attend. However, with such a large majority of UMKC student’s living off campus, one would think that parking would be an important issue for the University to focus on. I am aware that parking passes are available for purchase. However, just because they are available does not mean it is the most financially practical use of a student’s hard-earned money.
For those of us who prefer to spend money on more sensible things and choose to opt out of the parking pass option, every now and then we find ourselves using the metered parking t scarcely offered around campus.
Last semester, at the rate of $1.00/hr., I spent $37.50 for metered parking – roughly a third of the price for a semester parking permit. Unfortunately, not every student has the good fortune of only having one class on campus each semester.
It doesn’t matter if an individual only has one class on campus or six – it is still their option to forego the permit fees and choose metered parking. If students do utilize the metered parking often, this slight increase will undoubtedly increase the amount of money spent each semester. For those who use the metered parking twice a week, like myself, this raise will add $8.00 to your bill.
All in all, college is already expensive enough. From textbooks, to student loans to rent and much more, it’s difficult for students to enjoy life without financial stress. For those trying to save a little bit anywhere we can, it’s frustrating to see changes such as this.
I’m sure there is some long, drawn-out explanation for this price increase. It’s probably to “contribute” to some fancy new school addition that will be built seven years after I graduate. All I know is that this seems unnecessary and it feels like the University doesn’t have our best interests or financial statuses in mind.