No cash? No problem: Campus vending machines now accept credit and debit cards

U-News Staff

UMKC has upgraded vending machines across campus to accept credit and debit cards. To keep up with consumers and the changing times, vending machines have been upgraded in approximately 21 locations, including Coca-Cola vending machines and Keurig Coffee stations.
As part of the contracts UMKC entered with Coco-Cola and Superior Vendall on Aug. 1, the installations were funded by the companies and some product prices have changed. The implementation of credit/debit card vending machines is the first of two phases, the second of which will include the reintroduction of Roo Bucks readers.
Some students predict the new vending machines will increase revenue.
“I feel like they’d spend more using a credit card because of the convenience,” said student Nour Bashir. “You don’t have to worry about crumbled bills or the annoying loud change that comes out of the vending machine and carrying more change around making your purse and wallet heavier.”
Because the machines were recently installed, the University currently lacks sufficient data to measure their effectiveness.
“At this point we don’t have much of a sample to compare against,” said Director of the Student/University Center Jody Jeffries. “We will be looking at that on a monthly basis as the academic year moves forward, so that we can gauge how those programs are performing but at this point we just don’t have a large enough sample to do a comparison”.
The vending machines are strategically placed in high traffic areas. Royall Hall and Flarsheim Hall each have three new units and Miller Nichols Library has two.