Briefcase simplifies post-graduation job search

Hope Austin

A new job hunting platform is available to all UMKC students called Briefcase. The program is the brainchild of Kansas City area locals Nick Mallare and Caleb Phillippi. Briefcase allows students to apply for multiple jobs from one platform.

With Briefcase, students and alumni can apply for multiple jobs and send out resumes without printing a single piece of paper. Users can connect with LinkedIn, or fill out a profile detailing their education, skills, objectives and job history.

The inspiration came from the co-founders’ own frustrating experiences with finding post-graduation employment.

“When I graduated from school, I visited four or five places a day,” said Phillippi. “Briefcase allows students to search for jobs in one place.”

However, Briefcase was not founded specifically for student use.

“Our original idea was to create an app that aggregates job sites like Monster, but the market was oversaturated,” said Phillippi. “We thought there was a better way to do it.”

Students at UMKC are among the first to beta test Briefcase. A pilot program was started in the spring at four different universities: University of Missouri-Kansas City, Rockhurst University, Park University and University of Missouri-Columbia. Through the pilot program and research with college career centers, Mallare and Phillippi have been able to work through bug fixes and improvements that allow Briefcase to serve a larger market. Their research established that students wanted something they could access on the fly.

“Students found that it would be a lot more productive if they had an icon they could click on,” said Phillippi.

In response to research findings, a Briefcase mobile app has been developed set to release in September.

Briefcase aims to assist programs such as Career Services to become more attuned to the needs of the student body.

“If a student is on UMKC’s platform, a career services worker can see the interactions on their platform, and it will help them better show what their students need,” said Phillippi.

UMKC students can sign up for Briefcase at