Crow’s Coffee

U-News Staff

Crow’s Coffee, located on 51stSt. near campus, has an inviting and mellow atmosphere. The shop’s décor features brick and wood panel with subtle blue and burnt sienna painted walls. The square, wooden tables offer ample single and group study spaces.
There are several black crow accent pieces, including a large crow painting, that hang on the walls. The music is subtle so guests can enjoy each track.
Third-year med student Allyssa Kays said she prefers Crow’s Coffee to Starbucks. “I like Starbucks – everyone likes Starbucks, but going in there and trying to study is kind of stressful,” Kays said. “Here there’s lots of space, a little music and the owner and baristas are so nice. It’s more personal.”
According to Zach Moores, owner of Crow’s Coffee, genuine relationships between the owners and the patrons is what the the venue’s coffee shop experience is about.
Moores said he hopes the shop offers more than simply becoming the average spot for a cup of Joe.
“What sets us apart is that we’re not just about the coffee,” Moores said. “I’m also about the community. I want people to be able to come in here and talk and chat. I set the place up in a way that it really invites people to sit down together.”
Moores’ interest in entrepreneurship manifested from watching his father run and own a coffee shop in the Waldo area when he was a child.
Moores spent time as an insurance adjuster until he decided to quit his job and invest in what he knew.
“I love coffee,” he said. “When I was working and on the road, I spent a lot of time in coffee shops. I figured now was the time for me to do it.”
With no wife or kids, Moores saw it as the perfect time to start his own coffee shop.
Crow’s Coffee offers both hot and iced beverages, local baked goods and options for the diet conscious.
Josiah and Queren King, two coffee shop patrons, spent their anniversary at Crow’s Coffee.
The couple said they love the coffee and the friendly staff at Crow’s. Queren said Crow’s offers the best chai in Kansas City.
To try the chai or any other drink selection, check out Crow’s Coffee to see what the buzz is all about.