Kansas City Royals staying in the game

Ian Stevnenin

It has been 29 years since the Kansas City Royals have been to the post season. Since Aug. 21, the team sits on top of the AL Central with a 2 1/2 game lead. Ten series games and a single game against the New York Yankees await when the Royals return from away games against the Texas Rangers this week.

With a few winning streaks this season, coupled with seasoned players on the roster and a considerably mediocre schedule, The Royals show promise to secure a spot in the playoffs.

Kansas City has talent across the field on both sides of the plate. The team is ranked third in terms of overall batting average and relief pitcher Greg Holland leads Seattle’s Fernando Rodney with the most saves.

Alex Gordon was drafted by the Royals in 2005 and has remained with the team since 2007. His talents have largely contributed to the team’s success, but Kansas City could lose their star player if they miss the post season . He is contracted at $13 million dollars in 2016, but may look for a higher salary with another team.

“Thirty-five games left. Definitely keep pouring it on, keep scoring runs, keep doing what we’re doing,” centerfielder Lorenzo Cain told reporters after Friday’s win over the Rangers . “Find a way to get in these playoffs any way possible.”

The Royals appear determined to keep the idea of a winning season alive. The Royals are scheduled to play at Kauffman Stadium for 20 out of the team’s last 35 games.