Fresh food for $5: Cancun Fiesta Fresh

Charlie Upchurch

The tiny red-and-white restaurant known as Cancun Fiesta Fresh, is well known for its street tacos and cheap prices, which is good news for anyone on a budget who wants to nosh in the Westport area.

The fun-to-say (and more fun to eat at) restaurant is located on Pennsylvania Avenue across from the Beaumont Club and Westport Coffee House.

One of the great options on the menu is Combo #2, the chicken or beef taco salad with soft drink. A large portion for the price ($5.99), mine was filled to the brim with beans, crisp iceberg lettuce, guacamole, sour cream and grilled chicken.

The great thing about this dish, as with most of the restaurant’s items, is the prices are similar to a fast-food joint, but the ingredients are all incredibly fresh and well-prepared.

The only complaint I had with the dish is the guacamole lives up to the ‘fresh’ moniker, but it could use a little kick. Avocados create the perfect creamy element to kick up spiciness and this guacamole could use it.

A great option if you have five bucks for lunch is Combo #1, two hard shell tacos with rice, beans and a soft drink for $4.99. A filling platter for sure, but my companion noted the rice was a little bland.

If you want to try the true Cancun Fiesta Fresh experience, though, order a street taco. These little bundles of goodness only set you back $1.75 a piece.

There’s also Combo #6 for $6 with four tacos, my personal go-to choice. They’re one of the best and most simple menu options.

The street tacos have a wide array of meat choices, from the standard selection to adovada (barbecued beef) and lengua (beef tongue). I went with the asada (marinated beef) choice. It was served piping hot and sprinkled with a bit of cilantro on a soft corn tortilla.

My recommendation is to grab some of the mild and very hot salsa selections and drizzle a bit on to maximize the flavor. Be warned, however: the very hot salsa is a slow but serious burn.

Though Cancun Fiesta Fresh can only hold about 20 people, they have a small patio for those who feel like dining al fresco. They also offer a free delivery service covering the Westport area.

If you’re looking for ambience, Cancun Fiesta Fresh might not be your ideal spot, unless a jazz band happens to be crooning over at the Beaumont while you dine.

However, the staff offers a mean value for your buck and a spicy salsa that will stay on your mind (and your tastebuds).

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