Non-Profit organizes KC area volunteers

Hiral Patel

The Call KC is a non-profit organization, established in 2012 by Brent Lager and Brent Lobdell as a response to a shortage of volunteers in Kansas City. The Call KC aims to increase involvement by prompting community members to volunteer for causes in need.

Organizations from around the area needing volunteers can contact The Call KC to recruit more help. The Call KC then reaches out to the community to gather members willing to donate time. The organization has had people volunteer from high schools, churches, business clubs and more. The Call KC now seeks to also involve UMKC students.

“We do events all over the city,” Lager said. “That’s one great thing – we don’t just do one set charity.”

The Call KC has helped to recruit volunteers for 31 charities, many of which continuously require volunteers.

“We have helped many different causes, such as the environment, health, animals, kids and the homeless,” Lager said.

Groups that assisted organizations in the past are encouraged to volunteer at future events – for example, a group helping with regional food pantry Harvesters later volunteered at the Renaissance Festival.

The Call KC also helps with Gillis, a local organization that helps children and families experiencing unfortunate circumstances get back on their feet.
“With Gillis and the kids, we play kickball with them about once a month,” Lager said. “We also do art with them.”
The Call KC doesn’t stop there.

“There are a lot of really great 5Ks. There is a superhero 5K for Hillcrest. You dress up as superheroes and you walk or run, which is really awesome,” Lager said.
Sometimes groups from The Call KC walk with the children from Gillis at the 5Ks.

“We make gift cards for kids in the hospital, [and] we make Valentine’s Day cards for single, teenage moms,” Lager said. “We try to get really creative and have some fun with volunteering.”
The Call KC also helps with many social events.

“We have Beer Pong for Babies to raise money for March of Dimes,” Lager said.

Beer Pong for Babies attracts more than 120 teams annually, and the event has gained popularity each year.

UMKC students who look for volunteering opportunities can contact The Call KC at