Kasey Takes a Tumble: The former mascot’s fall from grace

Kynslie Otte

Kasey the Kangaroo was apprehended by police in Westport Saturday night after starting a fight with patrons waiting in line for the Jerusalem Café food truck.

The former mascot was seen leaving Kelly’s at approximately 2:30 a.m. Kansas City Police Officer Kane Glidewell was first to arrive at the scene, and served as the arresting officer.

“Kasey was highly intoxicated, stumbling around and bothering other patrons,” Glidewell said. “He was obviously looking for a fight. He told us the falafel was absolutely worth going to jail for.”

Upon arrest, police also confiscated an ounce of marijuana and a small amount of cocaine found in Kasey’s pouch.

The kangaroo spent the night in county jail, but was bailed out early Sunday morning by Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Mel Tyler.

Monday morning, Chancellor Leo E. Morton held a press conference to confirm the arrest.

“We are terribly disappointed in Kasey,” Morton said. “We knew he would be devastated when he found out we’d acquired a new mascot, but we never anticipated such reckless, irrational behavior. As a result of police findings, the University may be forced to launch an investigation involving Kasey’s history of drug use.”

Despite UMKC’s pending investigation, administrators made negotiations with the Kansas City Police Department, and all charges against the ’Roo were dropped.

“We spent some time discussing Kasey’s actions with the Chief of Police,” Tyler said. “Eventually we agreed that a night in jail and the end of a nearly 80-year legacy as the University’s mascot was punishment enough.”

There are rumors of rehab in the near future for Kasey, which the University has not confirmed.

“Kasey was always an integral part of our UMKC family,” Morton said. “We will continue to treat him as such while he works through this difficult time. We have offered him access to all the University’s counseling resources, and wish him a speedy recovery.”

There is also talk of a lawsuit in the making, as Kasey met with an attorney (who chose to remain anonymous) Monday afternoon to discuss his options for suing the University on the grounds of unfair termination.

“It’s really not right for the University to do this to the poor guy after almost 80 years of unwavering dedication and service,” the attorney said. “Obviously his actions on the evening of March 29 were irrational, but I have a feeling many people in his position would do the same. My job is to make sure the University takes responsibility for the physical and emotional damages they have caused Mr. Roo as a result of his abrupt and unwarranted termination.”

An anonymous source reported that Kasey is lying low, but is also on the fast track to recovery. The ‘Roo was unavailable for comment.