Best Gay Bar

Roo News

1. Missie B’s, 805 W. 39th Street, Kansas City, Mo. 64111

What opened as a piano bar in 1994 quickly became Kansas City’s gay hot spot. Encompassing two floors and a heated outdoor “tiki lounge,” there’s no shortage of places to hang out and have a good time. Floor one has two bars and an area for playing pool, as well as a stage for the drag queens to perform 5 nights a week and for karaoke the other two nights.
The second level has a dance floor, leather shop and another bar. Don’t be surprised if you see some skin; there’s no dress code at Missie’s. Drinks are cheap with specials from noon to 8 p.m. every day and nightly specials Sunday through Thursday. The home of “Good Times and Good Friends,” you’ll have fun at Missie B’s regardless of your sexual orientation.

2. Hamburger Mary’s, 101 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, Mo. 64108

This famous chain of burger restaurants is known for its unique atmosphere and its lovely ladies in drag. When Kansas City’s resident drag performers aren’t at Missie B’s, they’re here. Hamburger Mary’s offers bar food and numerous special events throughout the week, including Charity Bingo Night, Drag Brunch and “Maryoke.” The best part of Mary’s is its huge two-story patio, which is a great place to sit on a nice day or to get some fresh air on a crowded weekend night.

3. Social Lounge, 1118 McGee, Kansas City, Mo. 64106

Social Lounge calls itself an “upscale nightlife experience,” and guests will find it to be a little different than Missie’s and Mary’s. Social’s ambiance is a little more sophisticated, equipped with VIP tables, a lounge and two bars. The people at this bar are going for the “high end San Francisco and Las Vegas lounge” feel. Social goes from bar and grill to nightclub on Friday and Saturday nights and has special events during the week.