Many factors determine college choice for international students

U-News Staff

American universities are attractive to international students because of the high standard of education, sophisticated technologies and great professors. Studying in the United States is a dream come true for many people from other countries who come in search of an education. Some students come to universities with their own funds, while some are funded by their respective governments.

One of the most important factors students look for while selecting a university is quality of education.  The quality of education that the university offers depends on the ranking.

“I applied to five different universities as advised by my instructor,” said Prathyusha Dinne, an international student from the School of Computing and Engineering. “I referred to to finalize the universities which I was admitted into and finally decided to come to UMKC. I also considered the number of Indians, too, in this university while making the choice.”

Other important factors international students look into when deciding on a university are the college fee and scholarships. The college fee is comparatively lower in state-funded universities than privately-owned universities. Scholarships might be offered by universities with sufficient funds. International students are most likely to choose public universities that have adequate funds to offer scholarships.

Most international students are influenced by word of mouth. They may listen to friends or relatives more than social media.  Most students go to universities where their friends have studied or are studying. This may be because they will get to know the pros and cons of the university, but it is helpful to know someone from home to keep homesickness at bay.

Research says that international students look for places where the cost of living is comparatively low.

Another major factor that international students consider while choosing a university is the flexibility of classes. Some universities allow students to take classes in subjects other than their major, which is beneficial for students.

“I’m a master’s student and my major is electrical engineering,” said Anudeep Sharma, an international student in the School of Computing and Engineering. “I wanted to take a few classes in computer sciences, too, so that it makes my work easy in searching jobs. I’m very happy that UMKC allows me to take classes in computer sciences.”

UMKC requires all international students to take qualifying exams like GRE or SAT to get into graduate and undergraduate courses, respectively. All international students belonging to non-English speaking countries are required take either TOEFL or IELTS, tests which measure English language skills. The university processes applications based on department requirements and number of seats available.