Phi Sigma Tau lecture talks logic

Agustin Rayo speaks at The Diastole.

U-News Staff

UMKC’s philosophy honor society, Phi Sigma Tau, hosted a lecture on Thursday by Agustin Rayo at The Diastole to discuss his new book, “The Construction of Logical Space”. The talk was titled “Nominalism, Trivialism, Logicism.”

A native of New Mexico, Rayo graduated from MIT in 2001 and became part of the faculty of his alma mater in 2005.

“I am hoping this lecture and other events like this will get more people involved in the philosophy department at UMKC,” said Emma Winkler, the newly appointed treasurer of the honor society.

Rayo explained that in his new book he was trying to find a way to translate logic into mathematics and vice versa. He added that this piece of work was his “vision of the philosophy world.”

He encouraged listeners in the audience to ask questions throughout his speech. He gave a number of analogies to describe his thoughts so that non-philosophy majors could follow along easily.

Toward the end of the lecture he surprised audience members, stating that he discovered while compiling his book that “You can’t explain math with logic, it cannot be translated.” He continued by saying this book was his plan B.

“It was me picking up all of the broken pieces,” he said.

Winkler is interested in growing the philosophy honor society as well as the entire department. A Facebook page for Phi Sigma Tau was created in November 2013 and is updated with information on a regular basis.

For more information about UMKC’s philosophy department contact Dr. Bruce Bubacz, chair of the department, or visit the UMKC Phi Sigma Tau Facebook page.