Hello adulthood, farewell U-News

Elizabeth Golden

Hi, UMKC.  As you may or may not have noticed, I am no longer listed as one of the editors-in-chief. This is hard for me since this newspaper has been my home for the past year. I’ve lived journalism pretty much since I started at UMKC. But, it is time for me to take a break … a very short break to recoup and relax before I enter the world of adulthood as a full-time newspaper reporter.

I’ve accepted an out-of-state position with a medium-sized daily newspaper with a circulation of 20,000. I leave soon after I graduate in December.  So, for those who have told me that journalism is dying and it’s not possible to find a newspaper jobs, you’re wrong. It is possible. Also, for everyone who ever thought I made the wrong decision by not attending MU’s J-School, well, I still got a job, didn’t I? How many MU graduates can honestly say they received their dream job in their field? I will never regret the education I have received at UMKC. My professors were instrumental in me receiving this job, especially Bob Unger: I love that guy.

I’ve been in journalism all my life … almost literally. I started on my first paper in eighth grade and I knew I never wanted to do anything else. I’ve been pursuing this passion for close to 10 years despite the roadblocks — and there were quite a few. Since I knew graduation was quickly approaching, I started applying for newspaper jobs back in September. This was actually the first place I had sent my application. A day after I applied, I got the response: “Nice cover letter.” That’s it. I wasn’t sure if that was a sad excuse to be sarcastic or if this guy truly meant it. A couple weeks later, he emailed me again. This time he told me about another position that would fit me much better. We talked on and off, and as of Oct. 28, the job was officially mine.

The position is quite complicated since I was hired as a “do-all” person, as the editor called it. I will be a reporter who also helps with editing and design, when needed.

I can’t even describe this feeling. It’s so surreal to know all my work over the past 10 years paid off. Someone actually wants to pay me to write. I’m still having a hard time comprehending it all.

Long story short, I really need the last four weeks of my college career to be as peaceful as possible in order to spend time with those I love.

It’s been an interesting experience managing the U-News. I’ve run into really amazing people. I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for the newspaper. I can’t understand why anyone who wants to go into journalism isn’t on his or her school paper.

To wrap up, I need to leave the paper to take some personal time in order to prepare for my position. It’s great to know that all the work I’ve done in order to achieve this dream paid off.