Susan Kirschenman: Born to Golf

Dan Moreno

Junior golfer Susan Kirschenman shined this fall as she played her third season under Head Coach Brianna Broderick’s lead.

Last week, Kirschenman recorded a top-10 54-hole tournament score in UMKC history for the third straight event. She finished in a tie for 14th place with a 226 in the Blue Raider Invitational at the Old Fort Golf Course in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

“Our team is very blessed. We have great coaches and teammates who are willing to go the extra mile for each other,” Kirschenman said. “I see this season as a building block for us. I am hoping we will use what happened this season and use that to motivate us to play even better.”

The Huxley, Iowa, native was introduced to golf early in life by her parents, Linda and Terry.

“I started playing golf when I was four years old,” Kirschenman said. “My dad and mom decided to learn golf as newlyweds. My dad loves to coach and so when they had my brother and I he let us learn as well. He started taking us to golf lessons and then I began playing every summer in golf tournaments. There is always something new to learn in golf.”

After leaving home, Kirschenman came to Kansas City to proudly represent UMKC.

“I am very proud of my school and team,” Kirschenman said. “Playing golf at UMKC is such a delight. Who wouldn’t love playing golf as their job? I know I can say this for all the girls that we all enjoy getting to represent Kansas City. It really helps that we come from a school that really values athletics. Everyone is very supportive of us. Our professors are always very understanding of our hectic schedule and that is hard to find.”

With one more year to go, Kirschenman, who is majoring in communication studies and business, has already decided her path following graduation.

“I would love to go professional after college if given the opportunity,” Kirschenman said. “I am interested in advertising and event planning. I could use my degree to be involved in a golf company that plans golf tournaments around the world. I love working with all types of people and I think with my background in golf this could be a great fit for me.”

With a big smile on her face, Kirschenman described herself as an extrovert and enjoys relaxing when she is not studying or practicing.

“I am interested in making things like scrapbooks and paintings,” Kirschenman said. “I am an extrovert, so I love spending time with my friends. I enjoy trying new restaurants that have food from other countries.”

The Roos will start their spring season in March 2014.

Kirschenman has already set goals for next season.

“My main goal for next semester is to keep fighting hard with my team to represent Kansas City,” Kirschenman said. “We are a great team and just need to believe in ourselves to get the job done. I will be giving everything I have at the golf tournaments to help out the team.”