Choppa, please

Patricia Barra

Patricia Barra
Patricia Barra

Is it a bird? Is it Superman? No, it is the police helicopter with a search light on Greek students serenading new pledges.

Wednesday night fraternity boys were serenading the new sorority pledges. The police answered to a noise complaint from upset neighbors.

I do not have a problem with police officers letting us know that we were being a little too loud, but the use of a search light, really? It was a peaceful and fun gathering where no illegal or suspicious activity was going on, so why go to the extremes?

In addition, neighbors knew that this was happening. This event happens every year, so I think neighbors can be gracious enough to allow us to hold this event outside.

The hours were not too late for it to be inappropriate. Let’s be honest, there is so much more crime out there for a search light to be used for, instead of a noise complaint at the Greek houses. If there was an event of high risk occurring, sure, but in this instance, I am not convinced.

Don’t get me wrong the police do a great job of keeping the college students safe, but during a peaceful, old time ceremony, we can bear, ourselves in the proper way.

Most importantly, Kari Murphy let the neighborhood association know serenades were that night. With cops and helicopters, the serenades had to be moved inside the houses.

I have to say, after years of this tradition, could an agreement not be made between the police and Greek organizations? Or will the police come knocking on the door telling us to keep it down every time a Greek organization has an event?

I think a resolution can be made through this, where both parties can be satisfied.

I will have to say the police deal with these situations as they work for the citizens but certain measures should be considered extreme.

We are college students striving for an education. We are the good guys and are not trying to make a violent disturbance.

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