New KC Logo Gets Mixed Reviews

Kate Baxendale

Kansas City’s communications department released the city’s new marketing logo Oct. 10. The logo features an interlocking K and C and has replaced the heart-shaped fountain image that was adopted in 1992.

The new image has received both positive and negative feedback. Senior business administration student Mariah Rittel said the interlocked letters look like a sports team logo. Junior urban planning and design student Chayton True also prefers the fountain symbol.

“The old [logo] has much more meaning and symbolism,” True said. “The logo is in the shape of a heart that represents the love for our city and citizens. It’s also designed like a fountain that represents our city’s title of ‘City of Fountains.’”

The Kansas City Star polled more than 5,000 people on its website about their reactions to the new logo. More than 3,000 voters said they love the new logo and more than 2,000 voters said they hate it.

Mayor Sly James is satisfied with the new design, and said he thinks it is a more recognizable logo for Kansas City. He said nobody outside of the city understood the meaning of the fountain logo.

“I know it’s a KC,” James said. “At the end of the day, you want something that when people look at it, they say Kansas City, boom, it jumps right out at them.”

Designer Emily Elmore of Single Wing Creative volunteered to make the new logo, free of charge. The image was presented to the American Institute of Graphic Artists and other creative groups, and it received positive reactions overall.

The logo will appear on city publications and the Channel 2 government news station. It will also debut on the city’s new website that will launch Jan. 1. Communications Director Danny Rotert clarified that the new logo will not replace the heart-shaped fountain logo as the city seal. The city council would have to vote on any changes made to the seal.