BTW – Facebook: College intellectuals bringing entertainment to our lives

Michelle Penton

Did you know, according to the Facebook Press Room, there are over 500 million active Facebook users, half of which log onto Facebook every day? Each user is estimated to have at least 120 friends. An average estimated amount of 700 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each month.

These totals are remarkable even with the advancement of technology and the daily use of smart phones, which carry Facebook as an application to download.

If you are a Facebook user as well as a college student, this is something to ponder, considering the idea Facebook is a social networking website that was created in a college dorm room.

According to the timeline of the Facebook Press Room, by May 2005, about a year and a half following the creation of the site, more than 800 college networks were supported by Facebook.

There is even a movie titled “The Social Network” soon to be released in movie theaters depicting the whole story behind the creation of this site.

According to, the plot summary for “The Social Network” describes the setting as the following:

“A 2003 fall night at Harvard University in an undergraduate student’s dorm room is where this multi-million dollar network originated.”

It’s pretty amazing when you think about all the fall nights you spent in your dorm room bored on your computer.

Although this may seem like a lucky strike, it does demonstrate the stereotype of college students as careless partygoers slowly diminishing as time progresses.

What will you come up with next time you are in your dorm room bored on a fall night?

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