McCoy’s offers Ambiance as well as Menu

U-News Staff

McCoy’s Public House, located at 4057 Pennsylvania Ave., will satisfy any comfort food craving. On summer nights, the patio is lit with string lights to add a hint of magic. From the lights to the décor, McCoy’s is warm and inviting, and is a popular go-to spot for a quick dinner, meeting or date.

The staff at McCoy’s is friendly and fast.  With bubbly personalities, the waiters will strike up a conversation, keep water glasses filled and satisfy any dining request within minutes.

The menu has options ranging from hearty pastas and sandwiches to comfort food items like pot pies. Menu options cater to various diets and offer vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian diets.

Orders arrive fairly quickly. The vegan masala consists of a sauté of spiced cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, roasted vegetables and chickpeas in a light sauce. It is served with toasted pita bread and lentil basmati rice. It had the perfect blend of seasoning and the textures of the dish worked very well together. McCoy’s truly lived up to its comfort food extravaganza.

The chocolate chip bread pudding is beyond delicious. It is served with two sauces and filled with sweet chocolaty goodness.

Overall, meals are excellent and not too pricey for the quality. It is worth a visit from everyone in Kansas City.