Lindsay Lillig

The up-and-coming alternative band Saints of Valory recently released their first EP with Atlantic Records entitled “Possibilities.” The band is made up of four members: Gavin Jasper as lead vocalist, Godfrey Thomson on guitar, Gerard Labou on drums and Stephen Buckle on keyboard. With a new sound reminiscent of Imagine Dragons, Saints of Valory will be soaring up the charts in no time.

Although the band was officially formed in Austin, Texas, Jasper and his bandmates come from all over the globe. Jasper and Thomson are natives of Brazil and met in Rio de Janeiro while their parents were working abroad. Labou is from France. Buckle was born in Greece, spent most of his childhood in Thailand, passed through Brazil and ended up in Texas. Labou’s mother, Valerie, served as the inspiration for the band name.

The band’s debut single, “Neon Eyes,” has been a frequent selection of several playlists on local station 96.5 The Buzz. The song will remind many listeners of “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons. It is evident the band is not trying to duplicate the sound Imagine Dragons has created, but emulating the brilliant music that can be made with such a style of music.

The first song on the EP is called “Kids.” The lyrics of this track are exceptional. This song has all the keys to what makes a great song. Jasper sings phrases like, “We were just kids. With our hopes, with our dreams, with our faults,” and “I won’t leave you behind,
I won’t leave you in the dark.” Listeners are lured in by those slightly nostalgic lyrics as well as the optimistic drumming and ballad riffs.

The second track, “Long Time Coming,” will at times remind some of “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons. The percussive introductions of both songs call for comparison, but the lyrics tell completely different stories. “Back Up” is the last track of the EP but the first to feature what Thomson and Buckle can really do. There are several guitar riffs that were anticipated throughout the album, and the keyboard styles are equally audible for the duration of the song.

With only four potential songs to mainstream, Saints of Valory is off to a good start. They were one of the bands selected to open at 96.5 Buzz Beach Ball this year and attracted a far greater crowd than expected, according to Buzz host Lazlo. Fall in love with Saints of Valory now because the band is going to get big.