Union Programming Board hosts “Rep Your Flag”

Hiral Patel

The Union Programming Board (UPB) hosted Rep Your Flag Sept. 24 to promote cultural diversity across campus.

Social Justice Chair Brittney Wright coordinated the event. Students made flags out of paper, paint, sand and other materials. According to Wright, the event was held to promote cultural diversity and bring different cultures together. It was also an opportunity for students to get involved with UPB.

Students created flags representing their own countries, and also made flags with other symbolic importance.

“In 1948, Palestine stopped existing, and it became Israel. And now we’re in an occupied territory,” said Hadeel.

She created a flag of Palestine with the name written in Arabic.

Students also made flags that symbolizing personal affiliations.

“I’m a member of a fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi, the new Epsilon chapter here at UMKC,” student Reggie Simmons said. “I put the Greek letters on my flag. I’ll take it back to the fraternity to see if they like it.”

Arianna Jackson had many different symbols on her flag to representing what brings her pride.

“This [rainbow] is for gay pride, then it’s the African colors and I am also adding stripes for the American flag,” Jackson said.

Participating in her own event, Wright also made a flag.

“I’m having a baby boy, so I’m making a personal banner to welcome him,” Wright said. “I think underneath it I’m going to put the LGBTQIA colors just for kicks and giggles and to show my appreciation.”

Freshman Katie Lacombe participated in the event to be more involved with student life at UMKC.

“It’s for a door decoration for [my friend’s] dorm,” Lacombe said.

She made a sea turtle in water, which depicted her friend’s favorite animal.

Sophomore Sharan Nagra made a flag to represent her high school and her best friend.

“When I was a freshman in high school I took a class called Fitness for Life, and that is where I met my best friend,” Nagra said. “We were always on a team together. We were usually last or second to last in every tournament we had, but we still called ourselves Team Invincible.”

UPB provided pizza and refreshments for attendees.  Many members of UPB were present, as well as students of various cultures.

Wright’s position on UPB is required to host diversity-related events twice every month.

The next UPB event is Sept. 30, with “Monsters University” at 12 p.m. and at 7 p.m. in the Student Union Theater.