iOS 7 : New Design takes Apple to a Higher Plane

Prannoy Kiran

Apple’s latest mobile software brings more than just visual changes to its existing and potential customers. The extreme makeover is an aesthetic and design-focused release.

Installing the upgraded operating system takes an estimated 15 minutes to experience the beauty of iOS 7. The update can be installed by the newer generation of iPhone, iPod touch or iPad’s built-in software updater, or through iTunes.

The cleaner user interface offers a more modern look with flair. iOS 7’s lock screen and navigational buttons, such as the “Back” button at the top of the display while navigating through device settings, adopt a more simplistic look compared to iOS 6. The improved control center provides easy access to device and application settings. Smart photo organization allows users organize photo libraries in a more systematic way.

The entire design overhaul added useful features such as automatic updates, which makes everyday use of applications easier. Control center gives quick access to most-used features. AirDrop and iTunes Radio are new and positive additions.

The control center is the base of the new operating system and adds to the ease of use. With a simple swipe up from the bottom of the screen, users can control AirDrop file sharing settings, screen brightness, the camera, the clock app, system volume and music playback. Control center can also enable and disable airplane mode, device data usage options, Bluetooth, notifications and system profile.

AirDrop is a robust but simple file sharing feature that has a large domain of third-party apps. It offers  file sharing functionality first seen in Apple’s operating system mobile platform, and offers an easy and seamless method to transfer digital assets between compatible devices. One of the limitations is that AirDrop only works when both devices are in close proximity to one another and must use Bluetooth to scan for nearby devices.

iTunes Radio is a much-hyped feature of iOS 7, with access to more than 250 DJ-curated and genre-focused stations, including everything from hard rock to doo wop, all with crystal-clear sound quality. Stations can be customized around artists, songs or genres.

iOS7 works with iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C and 5S; iPad 2, third- and fourth-generation iPads; the iPad mini and the fifth-generation iPod touch.

There are a few hiccups with iOS 7. The iPhone 4’s A4 chip does not support the following features: the 3D flyover feature and turn-by-turn navigation in Maps, translucency effects throughout the operating system, live wallpapers and some visual effects, including the parallax effect on the home screen.

Apple games do not work in full action like in iOS 6. Some games like Temple Run freeze due to compatibility issues. The phone heating up is another downside customers are worrying about. Mobile apps also crash abruptly.