Party like The 1975

Lindsay Lillig

An alternative rock force all the way from Manchester has the radio stuck in a time warp. Listeners had no idea what was in store this spring when The 1975 released their first single “Sex,” but they were eager to join the party. With a chorus that repeats “she’s got a boyfriend anyway” combined with the hypnotic voice of front man Matthew Healy, the single was simply irresistible.

Irresistible could certainly be considered a theme for this band. The next single they released was entitled “Chocolate.” The song has nothing to do with chocolate whatsoever, but it is just as addictive. Healy sings something about guns and petticoats and listeners simply melt. This single is reminiscent of titles by another English indie band, The Wombats. Their debut album was released on September 2, 2013. One of the shortest tracks on the album is one of the best.

“Talk!” is one of those songs that insists on being played at full volume while lying on the bedroom floor. The desire to be engulfed in the repetitiveness of the deep bass and soothing synthesizer is unavoidable. A brief, purely instrumental interlude entitled “An Encounter” follows directly after providing an easeful segue into the rest of the album. Every track on the album has the potential to be a single. “Settle Down” and “Girls” have great lyrics and catchy melodies.

“The City” has a slightly more raw tone which could allow it to cross over to broader rock stations, and “Robbers and “She Way Out” cover the ballad category. The last song is called “Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You.” After fifteen tracks, this one comes as a bit of a surprise. It is three exquisite minutes of no more than Healy and the piano. It does not fit into the realm of the rest of the album at all, but its salient composition discredits any possible criticism. The 1975 will be performing at the Halloweenie Roast hosted by 96.5 The Buzz at the Midland Theater on October 17.