Exotic Tastes are Satisfied at Extra Virgin

Photo // Extra Virgin

U-News Staff

Located close to downtown in the eclectic Crossroads district at 19th and Main Streets, Extra Virgin is a unique eatery. Upon entering, customers are met with eye-catching, modern designs and a warm, earthy color scheme.

Owned and operated by James Beard Award-winning chef Michael Smith, Extra Virgin is known for its exotic menu with items ranging from crispy pig ear salad to duck tongue tacos. Although some dishes may be less exotic, such as Mexican grilled corn and Spanish meatballs, this restaurant is definitely for the adventurous eater.

The poblano mac and cheese is a restaurant favorite. It is a simple dish, but Smith’s execution is simply mouthwatering. He begins with penne pasta and a creamy white cheddar sauce, but elevates the dish with the addition of the poblano peppers. The peppers add a spicy kick to the rich, creamy sauce while giving the dish a hint of smoky flavor. It is completely irresistible.

The best time to savor any of these dishes is during happy hour every Monday through Friday 11:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Extra Virgin is an ideal place for those looking for a good time, a satisfying meal and a warm environment.