Blue Nile Café Offers a Variety of Ethiopian Cuisine

Photo // Blue Nile

U-News Staff

When people walk into Blue Nile Café on 20 E. 5th St., the welcoming and cozy look is apparent at first glance. The restaurant is small, seating about 30 people at maximum capacity. With many masks on the walls and decorations covering the tables, Blue Nile transports its visitors directly to Ethiopia.

The best time to go to Blue Nile is during lunch because of the distinctive buffet offered every weekday. For approximately $10, customers can choose from two soups, the butternut squash soup and the creamy chicken soup, as well as an array of Ethiopian dishes ranging from rice to lentils.

The lentils are delicious for any vegetarian looking for some flavor-packed protein. In addition, Blue Nile offers vegetable and meat dishes to satisfy any flavor palate.

The cabbage and potato stew is a stand-out dish and will make anyone love cabbage, even die-hard haters.

Upon completing the satisfying meal, desert offers a rare indulgence, which should not be passed up.  Special attention is taken to prepare the rice pudding offered at the lunch buffet. The owner simmers the rice, milk and vanilla beans for hours to get a creamy and flavorful dish. Ask them to sprinkle the bowl with a little cinnamon sugar and get ready to be transported to paradise.

Blue Nile offers healthy and affordable food for anyone looking to try new cuisine. It is a true gem nestled in Kansas City’s City Market for anyone looking for a flavor-packed meal.