Arctic Monkeys in the AM

Photo // Domino Recording Company

Lindsay Lillig

Only two years after the release of the fourth studio album “Suck It and See,” the British-indie band Arctic Monkeys released their newest album “AM.”

The first single the band released this summer “Do I Wanna Know?” is the longest song on the album, but otherwise an odd choice for a single. It is a well-composed song, but it is one of the more monotonous tracks on the album. Practically the entire last minute of the song is a rendition of the line, “Do you wanna know,” repeated in relatively the same tone and phrasing.

The second track “R U Mine” has great potential, but continues with the theme of repetition. The verses are loaded with transfixing lyrics like, “Come to find you fall in some velvet morning,” and “She’s a silver lining, lone ranger riding,” that are sure to lure in listeners, but “Are you mine?” sung five times between each verse is entirely excessive.

On the album, skip three songs then listen to “No.1 Party Anthem,” a sort of lamentation, making it the best song on the album. The song opens with, “Leather jacket, collar popped never knowing when to stop, sunglasses indoors,” which gives an adequate depiction of the message in the following verses. The band’s apparent love of echoing the same line finally worked with a simple, “Come on, come on, come on,” separating each verse. Even the bridge of this song is worth listening to twice in a row.

A few songs past the “anthem” is the second single from the album titled “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?”  The overall melody of the song is catchy and easily enjoyed, but the narrative of the lyrics provides the only dimension to the song.

The Arctic Monkeys embark on a fall tour starting Sept. 16 in New York.