Kansas City Juggling Club teaches children the trade at the Fringe

Joey Hill

On Sunday July 21, the children’s section of the Plaza Library was filled with exuberance with the appearance of the Kansas City Juggling Club, an independent performers group. Hosting yearly juggling festivals since 2009, the Club also organizes a weekly meeting where both experts and beginners are welcome.

The excitement was in the eyes of the children as the four men from the Club walked through the shelves of Shel Silverstein and R.L. Stein, and shortly after spreading out the hacky sacks, juggling clubs, rubber balls and one bowling ball, they began to practice.

Juggling between each other, two men threw six clubs across the room as they began to toss them around and catch the clubs again, all to the tune of the giggles and squeals of the fascinated children.

After the beginning performance, one juggler gave a detailed instructional lecture on the process and techniques of juggling in relation to how many object the performer is using. At one point the instructor is juggling the bowling ball and balancing it on his head. Shortly after, they let the kids gather around to learn to juggle by using the hacky sacks and rubber balls.

Image Credit: Joey Hill