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Apple Juice, Green Tea, PCP- Can You Tell The Difference?

On August 24, 2010 KCTV 5 reported there has been a rise in the circulation of the drug PCP in the metro area. The kicker? The drug may appear to be apple juice or green tea.

The drug is easily identifiable by its unpleasant smell, according to the National Drug Intelligence Center. PCP, also referred to as Angel Dust, smells like burnt rubber and bad body odor.

PCP is a bitter-tasting, white, crystalline powder that easily dissolves in water or alcohol. It can also be dyed various colors.

The use of the drug can cause seizures, coma or death. According to KCTV 5, “Kansas City police said they have stepped up their game to combat the drug.”

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New Printing Quota

The printing quota has been reduced from five dollars to two dollars and 50 cents a week. At five cents per page for black and white prints, that’s 50 pages per week.

According to Eric Grospitch, vice chancellor for student involvement, this reduction has been anticipated since 2008.

He said, “When it was suggested that the quota be reduced two years ago, the SGA (Student Government Association) thought it would be too huge of a reduction since the quota was 150 pages per week at that time.”

Dr. Grospitch said the pharmacy and medical students may be most impacted by the reduction because their instructors usually require them to print slide shows.

Third year medical student Jalaj Ahuja will not be affected by the reduction. He said, “I take notes on my computer because it’s faster and more efficient for me.”

When compared with other universities, UMKC’s printing quota is substantial. According to Dr. Grospitch, both K-State and KU have quotas of 100 pages per semester.

The money once used to fund paper is now being redistributed toward stronger wireless signals on campus and technological upkeep and upgrades in the classrooms.

Although there is a quota, there is no limit to what or how much you can print. If you use all of your pages for the week, you can add money on your One Card and continue printing.

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