Four slates compete for Student Government Association

U-News Staff

The elections for the new Student Government Association’s executive board members are underway.

Through Friday April 26, students will have the opportunity to cast their ballots for President, Executive Vice-President, Administrative Vice-President and Comptroller.

Four parties, or slates of candidates, are competing for the 2013-2014 offices.

The slates include Gold Slate, Imprinting Diversity, RooServe and UMKC Alliance.

Gold Slate

Junior Daniel Baker leads the Gold Slate as a candidate for President. Baker is currently President Pro Tempore for Student Government Association. In an interview, Baker said his experience with SGA in the past led him to the decision to run for SGA President.

“I noticed the errors,” Baker said. “A lot of students weren’t having their voices heard. Student organizations weren’t getting funding because they didn’t know how everything worked,” he continued.

The Gold Slate also includes Robert Robinson, Executive Vice-Presidential candidate, a student in the pharmacy program and has served as President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and an Orientation Leader.

In a candidate statement, Robinson said, “I have a lot of Ideas (sic) that will give the voice to the students and allow them to utilize our campuses (sic) facilities to the max. I want to set forth events that will make campus life he (sic) amazing.”

Freshman Business Management student Haley Reed is running for Administrative Vice-President on the Gold Party ticket. According to her candidate statement, one of Reed’s major concerns as a candidate is campus crime.

Jibran Ali rounds out the Gold Party ticket. Ali, a Junior majoring in Business Management, is running for Comptroller.

Imprinting Diversity

Imprinting Diversity is a slate led by Junior Jide Ajisafe.

Ajisafe described diversity and inclusion as the starting point for his slate’s campaign.

“A lot of my motivations was to be the voice of people who feel like they haven’t been heard” Ajisafe continued.

Imprinting Diversity’s candidate for Executive Vice President, Latonya Haynes currently serves as President of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority.

Amara Heard, Imprinting Diversity’s candidate for Administrative Vice President, is a student in the 6-year medical school program.

Chanel Maddox, who is running for Comptroller on Imprinting Diversity’s ticket and currently serves on the Student Activity Fee Council, is a Senior Communication Studies student.


RooServe is a slate led by Junior Benjamin Campero. Campero is double-majoring in Economics and Business Administration.

RooServe’s Facebook page touts that Campero would be the first International Student to become SGA President, if elected.

In an interview, Campero said his main goal is to, “foster a community of inclusion that supports all of our student organizations”.

Campero is joined by Parker Webb, RooServe’s candidate for Executive Vice President. Webb wants to increase transparency and inter-organizational communication.

Rachel Jenkins is RooServe’s candidate for Administrative Vice President.

Jenkins is a transfer student from Missouri State University.

She emphasized in her candidate statement RooServe’s desire to work with Associated Students of the University of Missouri and Missouri legislators to exempt textbooks from sales tax.

Makayla Maslanka is RooServe’s candidate for Comptroller.

UMKC Alliance

UMKC Alliance, led by Presidential Candidate Peter Swingle, is a slate composed entirely of students at the Law School.

In an interview, Swingle explained that as graduate students, UMKC Alliance has the experience needed to lead SGA.

He also expressed a desire to reform the Student Activities Funding Council and increase transparency.

Swingle hopes to restructure SAFC in a way that allows student organizations more time to present their budgets.

Robert Givens, also running on the UMKC Alliance slate, as Executive Vice-President, emphasized in his candidate statement the party’s desire to prioritize funding for student groups who want to sponsor networking events on-campus.

Katherine Corwin, Administrative Vice President candidate for UMKC Alliance articulated the party’s desire to bridge the gap between graduate and undergraduate students in her candidate statement.

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