food: Fric & Frac a KC favorite for a good reason

Andreina Byrne

A personal favorite of mine continues to please every Americana- style bone in my body, as it has for many Kansas Citians since the late ‘70s. Located on 39th street in Kansas City, Fric & Frac offers your everyday pub food and burgers with a great assortment of drinks

To change it up, I went during the evening hours, rather than my usual late afternoon time. With the difference in time came a difference in crowd, though this was not necessarily a bad thing.

The only table available in the somewhat loud, yet kid-friendly environment was a two-seater right by the front door. This worked out well, for the fact that those who entered rarely noticed us sitting down, which helped create calmness for us amidst the storm of food-goers. But it also created a chill l when the waitress walked in and out to help the outdoor customers in the 40-or-so degree weather.

The waitress, who seemed to be working a majority of the tables, was very kind and easy to speak with, though it was hard at times to get her attention due to the continuously growing number of customers. She quickly asked for drink orders and brought them back within minutes while allowing for a few moments of a quick menu look-over before coming back to ask for the order.

“I’ll take the hot ham and cheese,” I quickly said. This was a new choice for me and after eating the hefty ham and swiss sandwich with a pickle on the side, I definitely was not disappointed, or still at all hungry. For an added treat, I ordered some curly fries, which were definitely the best I have had in a while. The order sizes of both were hefty and certainly worth the surprisingly short wait.

The drinks range from your everyday Coca-Cola to a fully stocked bar. There were definitely plenty of choices for a group of friends going out, or for the family grabbing a quick meal.

The prices were fair. There are also a variety of specials throughout the week, like the two-for-one burgers on Mondays and $2 tacos on Saturdays. Wednesdays also include $2.75 Boulevard draws for the loyal Kansas City beer drinker.

After finishing the meal, it did take a bit longer than expected for the waitress to return to grab our plates and ask if anything else was needed. I was planning on getting at least another drink but decided against it due to the duration of time that I was sitting there.

Perhaps I was being a bit childish, but I eventually did decide to get one more drink after the owner came by and asked how the meal was. I thanked him for cleaning off the table and asked for a check. He obviously conversed with the waitress shortly after, and only about a minute later, she was back with a cold drink and the check. I was grateful.

Fric & Frac is undeniably a reasonably priced destination for any college student, or family. It offers cheap drinks and meals all day from 11 a.m. until 1:30 a.m., along with pool tables and arcade games. You can’t beat that.

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