Rugby :A roller coaster sort of season

Dan Moreno

The UMKC rugby team played its last home game of the semester on Saturday against Northland Rugby at Hodge Park in a friendly match.

Captain Aaron Dzik suffered a concussion in the first half, which came after a kick to the head from a Northland player. He was out for the rest of the game.

“That’s what rugby is all about,” he said. “You are always exposed to injuries.”

It has been a tough season for the rugby ’Roos, who are a club team.

KC Doan described his team’s season as a “roller coaster.”

“We got rolling a little bit at the beginning of the season,” he said. “We won two home games and then winter break came along, after that we lost some momentum.”

The team is already planning ahead for next season.

“We are hoping to get a lot of recruitment going on this summer” said Doan. “Get a good-size team. It was a good year to grow but not exactly what we wanted.”

With only two games left the team stands 3-9.

“Thanks to the solid group of guys, our game play has improved a lot,” Doan said. “We have been able to work our offense instead of playing defense every game, so if we can keep that on the road we will be more competitive.”

UMKC has supported the rugby team since its start in 2009.

“They give us funding, which is the best kind of support we can get from them,” Doan said. “If they could give us more publicity, that would be even better. We need to get the word out about our team because most people don’t know about it.”

Any student can be part of the team.

“We are looking for anyone,” said Doan. “Rugby can relate to any sport. It has elements of soccer, football, wrestling and even basketball. So if you want to play for us, you just have to come practice.”

The camaraderie between the players can be seen from far away, and the team chemistry has grown a lot this year.

“Our team is all about brotherhood,” Doan said. “If rugby guys are anything, they’re loyal.” The team will face Missouri Science and Technology on Saturday at Rolla.

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