student profile : Bryan Zamora

Andreina Byrne

Student wins second iPad from OSI

For Bryan Zamora, winning contests has become second nature, especially those involving iPads. The Office of Student Involvement had an online Facebook contest promoting an iPad mini giveaway that began during the end of March.

Having won an iPad in a previous giveaway contest only a month before, Zamora’s karma and lucky stars aligned, yet again.

The way the giveaway worked was that by sharing the photo of the brand new iPad mini, participants were entered. In order for a winner to be selected, the OSI Facebook page had to reach 1000 “likes.”

“Honestly, I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw that my friend had shared it,” Zamora said, “so I ‘liked’ it.”

Luckily for Zamora, towards the end of the giveaway, he shared the photo and managed to beat the other participants.

“I believe it was the last day,” Zamora said, “I was like one of the last ones to enter.”

The giveaway ran for about three weeks and Zamora was notified of his success during the end of the first week of April.

“I was in shock when I received the email [saying that I won],” Zamora said, “I instantly told my coworker to read the e-mail to verify.

“Man, at that point I [realized] that I was one blessed kid.

Once he overcame the shock, he told his friends about his win.

“My friends were [so jealous] they couldn’t believe it!” he said with a laugh.

Zamora offered his insight on the secrets of winning such contests.

“I wasn’t really thinking much of it, I think that’s the trick,” Zamora said, “Don’t get your hopes up, just go with the flow. If you win, that’s awesome. But if you don’t, there’s not much to lose.”

Zamora also suggests that his karma played a part in his success.

“I do good everyday [and] I live off of good deeds,” he said. “[I] never expect anything back except for good karma.”

Zamora’s karma is about to benefit a relative.

“I have a little 10-year-old brother who has been asking for an i-Pad for his birthday,” he said. “So, I decided to give this iPad mini to him to motivate him to do well in school and sports. Also, just to [teach him to] have a good attitude on life.”

Zamora’s brother lives in Los Angeles, so this is a way for the two to connect more often.

“He hardly gets to see me all but twice a year,” Zamora said. “It’s sad but true, but it’s all sacrifice.”

Reflecting on his good fortune, Zamora mused, “I guess the saying is true: ‘Good things happen to people that do good things.’”

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