food: Cancun Fiesta Fresh

Andreina Byrne

From the fresh Cilantro in the Pico de Gallo to the steamed corn tortillas, Cancun Fiesta Fresh on 4019 Pennsylvania is a must for any hungry, Mexican-food lover.

Immediately, the authenticity strikes as Mariachi and other folk-type traditional songs blare from the outdoor speakers.

Chimichangas, make-your-own Burritos along with a variety of combinations were all found on the menu.

The street-tacos were an obvious choice, after all, their famed reputation constantly bombards my taste buds every time I see an advertisement for them. Obviously their most well known item, they only run $1.75 each and seven different meat options could practically convert a vegetarian.

All  their food is as homegrown as Mexican food can be, and, may not satisfy those interested in Tex-Mex or other non-authentic varieties.

However, I decided to be unconventional by ordering a couple of their soft tacos instead of the street ones. I chose chicken and beef and was very pleased with my decision. I also chose a bottle of Modelo especial and paid for my extremely reasonably priced meal, which totaled at less than $10.

The prices were more than fair for the traditional quality of food and somewhat eclectic drink choices. No meal exceeded $7.50 and side dishes seemed underpriced compared to most Mexican restaurants. The drinks ranged from bottled water to Red Bull, to your everyday domestic and premium Mexican beers.

On a different note, the service was professional and fast.

The cashier and her accomplice were uniformly dropping meats and peppers on the grill and within the fryers. The sizzling of the taco shells and the sautéing of the rice seem to have melodically influenced the rhythm of the two employees; though maybe that was just my imagination getting the best of me.

For anyone used to a five-star restaurant embellished from head to toe, this is not the place. However, their food definitely tastes like five star cuisine, and the cleanliness and work-ethic of the place should not fool a hungry person looking to be pleasantly surprised. Also, as I’ve heard from frequent clientele, deliveries in and around the area are well-worth it and fast.

Go ahead and give this place a try.

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