Spring into First Fridays

U-News Staff

With spring around the corner, Kansas City’s First Fridays will once again be in full force.

First Fridays is an all age event that hosts local and national art and music the first Friday of every month in the Crossroads Art District.

With over 70 art galleries spanning roughly 21 square blocks around 19th and Main Streets, this event is part of Kansas City culture. For UMKC students that are accustomed to the event, April 5‘s First Friday will not disappoint.

Kultured Chameleon Gallery (1739 Oak Street) will be hosting a live music showcase and KCOG.

The showcase, presented by Shameless Management, will have live music from DJ Cosmic Mafia, Huey P. Nuisance and more.

KCOG is a collection of art by Daniel Bartle that illustrates Kansas City’s Twentieth Century history of gangster culture.

8183 Studio (1735 Oak St.) will present “Beneath the Respirator,” a photographic series by Travis Carroll, that gives gallery-goers a behind-the-scenes look at underground graffiti writing.

The exhibit will include action shots and rarely shown scenery.

EventPort 208 (208 W. 19th St.) will host Kacico Dance Company’s “Song and Dance Project.” The project is a collaboration of choreographed dance with music from local Irish Band, Flannigan’s Right Hook.

Bazillion Pictures (118 SW Blvd) will have a showing of award winning 3D Animation and Motion Graphics.

Red Star Studios (2100 Walnut St.) will have exhibits of new work from several artists, including Ryan Fletcher. Fletcher earned a BFA in ceramics from the Kansas City Art Institute, and creates both functional and decorative work for restaurants and chefs around the country.

The newly renovated 3,000 square feet Locust Factory (504 E.18th St.) is a place to find a almost everything. There will be graffiti, ceramics, mixed media from Kansas City Academy students and more. Face paintings will also be offered.

Blue Gallery (118 SW Blvd) is a well know gallery to artists in Kansas City. Established in 2000, and co-owned by UMKC graduate Kelly Kuhn, blue gallery represents over 40 local emerging, mid-career, regional and nationally known artists.

First Friday goers can take a break at one of the local restaurants in the Crossroads. Grinders (417 E. 18th St) has a young indie atmosphere, and offers the world famous Grinder or a New York style slice of pizza.

The Cashew (2000 Grand Blvd) is an easily assessable and classy bar for a UMKC students who are 21 or older. The cashew is a 3 a.m. bar, and according to The Pitch, is one of Kansas City’s best-kept secrets.

With so many galleries, venues and people that take part in First Fridays, it’s hard to list and even harder to see everything.

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