The radical Pope Francis

U-News Staff

If people thought that Pope John Paul of Poland was an interesting choice, Pope Francis will definitely surprise and shock people, and not just members of the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis is part of an order called the Jesuits, but also tends to be influenced by his Latin American roots. According to Wikipedia this order is influenced by the themes of “social justice and the preferential option for the poor.” The Pope, in his current duties, has shown that he is influenced by the themes of social justice and helping the poor.

Although controversial, some have liked the arrival of Pope Francis. Kyle Sahd of the Diocese of Harrisburg, Pa., said that “while celebrating the Pope is part of Italian culture,” it is also “such a joy to see the universality of the Church.”

The new Pope’s style is so unconventional, if reminding one a bit of the legacy of the Church’s central figure, Jesus of Nazareth. A veteran Argentinian journalist who has been friends with Pope Francis for years described the new Pontiff as a man with a special “fondness for ordinary people, for the humble and the poor.”

If the Pope continues to be controversial, he will face accusations that he is being too literal in terms of the teachings of Jesus, and not taking his duties seriously. So far, his special behavior has been a pleasant surprise, but it may go too far, if there is such a problem for the Papacy.

Patrick Casey, a member of the FOCUS Catholic ministry on our campus, says that he is thrilled by the arrival of the new Pope.

“I think it is great to have a Pope that was selected outside of Europe because on a personal level I think it will help unite the Church even more,” Casey said.

Admittedly, the Catholic Church has more members emerging out of Latin America, Africa and Asia, but is traditionally based in Europe, so this change of geographic location is a gamble that is a bit ahead of its time.

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