Alabama Shakes shakes up Kansas City

Dan Moreno

The Alabama Shakes opened the doors to the Uptown Theater on March 11 to approximately 1,800 screaming fans.

The show was originally scheduled for Sunday, March 8 but was postponed due to bad weather the band encountered in Denver.

Brittany Howard, lead guitarist and vocalist, has concocted the perfect formula for success, considering her band was nominated for several Grammy’s, including “Best New Artist.”

Simply by observing, one can realize how much love these five musicians have for music. To the audience in this world, they are only talented musicians, but their music seems to transfer them into a different universe entirely, one filled with passion and magic.

“We are glad to be here in Kansas City…again,” Howard said.

The band was in town for the second time in less than a year.

Howard is the perfect example of talent. Without even trying, her voice and presence can be felt from the first row to the very back. She is the dictionary definition of expressive and it’s hard not to notice how deeply emotional she gets with every single word.

Around 8:30, “The Shakes” appeared on stage, grabbed their instruments and started the evening with “Hang Loose”, a soft and catchy melody, which instantaneously made all the fans raise to their feet and sing along.

As the evening continued to flow, Howard seemed to engage with the crowd.

“When I was younger, I liked a boy and he liked me, people said we couldn’t be together and I just said, hey, don’t tell me who I can or can’t be with,” she said before continuing with their set.

The five-piece band performed all of the tunes featured on their debut album “Boys & Girls.” The show lasted approximately an hour and a half.

Without seeing the band live, it is impossible to acknowledge how they can ease into one’s heart with a tranquil atmosphere of mixed emotions and calmness, beautifully accompanied by their oldie rock/blues type of music.

The fans left with only one thought in mind: “What a great show this was.”

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