Fashion: Decked out apartments- Students talk style

Andreina Byrne

Adding a personal decorative flair to any apartment is possible with as little as $10.

Style, fads and decorative themes may change, but four UMKC students are living proof that while trends change, they will always be a step ahead of common societal interest.

Where do you get most of your items?

Junior Psychology major Mimi Haddix: “I usually get most of my items from my parents’ house or from my friends. I like to collect bones, childhood photos and other things that have sentimental value.”

What is your favorite item?

Freshman Spanish major Lorraine Sands: “My favorite item is probably the photo of my past cat, Patrick.”

Haddix: “My roommate’s framed photo of Stamos is one of my favorite items. I also really like the pictures that I have of my brothers and me.”

Junior Nursing major Joey Waldenmeyer: “I love all of my street signs, flags, jerseys, old license plates, and posters. Pretty much anything that can be thumb-tacked to the wall.”

How would you describe your style?

Waldenmeyer: “My roommate and I have a lot of team support for Sporting KC and the [Kansas] Jayhawks, so we like displaying their flags and jerseys around our place.”

McKayla Smith, junior Philosophy major: “Roosevelt and Henry [her cats] kind of dictate how we decorate our apartment because if we leave anything too close to the ground, they will tear it to shreds.”

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