Sports unite us all

Dan Moreno

There is no such feeling as the one experienced with a game-winning goal in the last minute, a three-pointer basket with seconds on the clock or an interception that led to a touchdown.

Sports can paralyze a whole town, state or even country. But why? When two teams clash in a pitch, field or court, thousands, and sometimes millions, of people are involved.

This is probably is the reason why the World Cup, Super Bowl and World Series find themselves at the very top of television ratings.

When I moved to this country less than two years ago, I encountered many things that made me like America even more, especially the love of sports.

Kansas City’s passion and love for the Chiefs and Royals really surprised me, mainly because of the terrible seasons they have had.

On the other hand, Sporting KC, our professional soccer team has put Kansas City on the map by winning the MLS Open Cup last year and being conference champions two years in a row. But they still don’t seem to get enough coverage and support.

That was not all, though. I also encountered something that really caught my eye: college sports. I believe this is one of the few countries – if not the only one – that believes college sports are as important as professional sports.

Personally, I’d rather see talented athletes playing with passion for their schools than players in it only for the millions of dollars they make.

Nevertheless, I believe that, in part, the greatness of our national identity comes from sports. Some people may agree with me and some might think I am crazy.

Can you remember the time your father taught you how to throw a football, or that time when your mom wouldn’t let you play soccer with your neighbors until you finished eating? Sports are an intrinsic part of our lives, whether we play them, view them or are simply surrounded by them on a daily basis.

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